Robin B. Keys was born and raised in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, having taken many art classes along the way. After a brief time in the financial industry, for the next few years, she lived in Kyoto, Japan where she studied Shotokan karate and taught university students English. Upon her return to the States, she enjoyed a wonderful career in sports marketing. First, she was part of the Sports Marketing Group at Frankel, Marketing and Promotions in Chicago, where she met her husband. With the mutual goal of living in Colorado, she was excited for the opportunity to work at the United States Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs. An invaluable experience! Once their son was born, Robin was able to enjoy being a parent as her primary role, a dream come true. She established Robin Keys (freelance) Design in 2006 when her son started kindergarten. Her graphic design and illustrations can be seen in corporate communication, logos and personal projects. She first turned to the camera in earnest to “cope with” watching her son play baseball. Baseball is still one of her favorite things to photograph along with nature, and people. Keys’ photos have been recognized by American Photographic Artists/LA as an “Off the Clock” winner and by Gilpin County Arts 74th Annual juried show, first place photography.

Her visual art explore how Robin has always experienced the world in terms of shape, color, line, texture and proportion and with love for wildlife. The commonalities in a variety of nature’s settings can be endlessly interesting and emotional. In the Peak2 Peek exhibitions she hopes to exemplify the power of black & white or lack of color in the images. Notice the shape of the mountains as it relates to the shapes of the pines, a bird’s wing compared to the spire; and of course the texture of a sheep’s coat and that of the clouds; the curves created by the wind in the sand or is that snow?  Further, the beautiful crescent shadows of the lunar eclipse and the moon itself. The juxtaposition of rock and clouds create movement in a still. There are endless feelings and ideas to discover.'

Robin's illustrations often combine natural elements and shapes in unexpected or surreal ways playing with size, texture, color and proportion. A rainbow-haired girl swinging from the stem of a beautiful orange, portals in the sky in the shape of windows or rainbows existing with giant flowers or fish swimming in the sea of land. Always inquisitive of time, space and the universe being a part of all of us and inspired, by nature.

Robin lives in Central City with her husband, college-bound son and dog. She enjoys the outdoors (almost always with a camera) especially mountain biking with friends and family, music and sports.